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ObjectBuilder will be taking contributions from various people. The source control tree is organized into three main folders:


This branch of the tree is for approved changes only. Approval will take place during the monthly ObjectBuilder triage meeting of the project coordinators. Developers should not commit to this branch of the tree directly unless they are doing so at the direction of the project coordinators.


This branch of the tree is for fully fleshed out examples of using ObjectBuilder. Any developer can contribute to sections of this tree. Each sample should have its own sub-directory inside this tree.


This branch is used for exploratory testing of ideas, including features intended for the mainline of ObjectBuilder. Developers should create new trees here, or branch from the main line of the tree, to create their spikes. When the features are ready for consideration for the mainline of the tree, then a message is sent to the coordinators so it can be evaluated during the next monthly triage meeting.

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