ObjectBuilder 1.0.51206.0 Strong Named

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Jan 10, 2008 at 9:20 AM
The product name of the ObjectBuilder 1.0.51206.0 version is empty.

This cause a failure when you tried to pass the Windows Server 2008 certification. (sigcheck Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder.dll).
Verified: Signed
Signing date: 11:37 PM 12/4/2006
Publisher: Microsoft
Description: Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder
Product: n/a
Version: 1.0.51206.0
File version: 1.0.51206.0
Is it possible to rebuild a signed version of this version with Product Name not empty or explain me how to build the signed version ? I use the object builder with enterprise library 3.1.


Jan 10, 2008 at 6:59 PM
Hi Laurent,

Does it not work or does not install? Object builder is used by many of the p&p assests so I am trying to determine if it is an install or runtime issue.

Jan 11, 2008 at 6:59 AM
Hi Scott,

The library perfectly work on Windows Server 2008. The problem is that i would like to embed enterprise library which embed Object Builder in my product.
And i would like to certificate http://microsoft.mrmpslc.com/InnovateOnWindowsServer/CertifiedForLogoProgram.aspx my product. So i had passed the certification steps on the Enterprise Library and the only library in Enterprise Library that is no compliant for the certification step TC2.8.2 is ObjectBuilder.
Step Desciption: TC2.8.2 Do the application binaries have valid file version information.
Test Objectives: Check each binary installed by application for file properties containing: Company, Product name, Product Version
To Reproduce : Run Sigcheck from elevated command prompt with these switches: Sigcheck >sigcheckoutput.txt Or to recurse a directory Sigcheck –e –s –v >sigcheckoutput.txt

The object builder does not contain Product Name.

A workaround to fix this problem in my side is to rebuild all enterprise library with my own key but it's tricky and risky for me.