Enterprise Library Version 4

Topics: CodePlexContainer, ObjectBuilder
Dec 19, 2007 at 2:43 PM
I was wondering if object builder and the containers with this project are indeed the ones that are going to be used with version 4 of the Enterprise Library.

Dec 19, 2007 at 4:57 PM
If I was a betting man, I would guess that the official v2 of ObjectBuilder will be based on our work here, but that the container(s) that will be part of EntLib 4 will be all new code (built on top of ObjectBuilder v2).
Dec 20, 2007 at 1:51 PM
I thought V2 was developed here and by you.

If not, any hints about Where, By whom and When?

Will there be a ctp soon? Can we provide feedback?
Dec 20, 2007 at 4:08 PM
What I'm saying here is based partly on unofficial rumor and partly on my common sense, both of which could be entirely wrong. :)

After I left P&P, I had several conversations with the P&P team about their priorities for ObjectBuilder. While they still had some interest in the project, it didn't make the project cut for a couple years running. Since I didn't want it to die, I convinced my CodePlex co-worker Scott Densmore (also ex-P&P) to work with me to fix a lot of the design issues in OB 1. With P&P's knowledge, we've been calling our changes ObjectBuilder 2.0, though no official release has happened yet (obviously). Part of that is because we (Scott and I) wanted to let some of the technical issues settle with OB 2, and part of it was because P&P still had not yet devoted any resources to making it an official release.

We also heard the complaint that releasing a framework for building DI containers without at least one sample container was silly, so we took the container that we were using on the CodePlex team and started enhancing it, and released it as a sample here. We took our desires for features for the CodePlex team (like method interception) and used them to push additional features into OB 2. For what it's worth, I'm also intending to use my vacation over the next couple weeks to release at least one more sample container, although I have ideas for 3 or so that I could do. :)

Now that EntLib 4 is having a DI block in it, I have some confidence and high hopes that the work Scott and I did on the core framework will become an official P&P deliverable called ObjectBuilder 2, with P&P polish of course. On the other hand, the sample CodePlex container is not a very good general purpose container, so I would not expect that container to be included in EntLib 4. Personally, I hope they include several different styles of container, because I don't believe in the "one uber container" philosophy. :)

I'm also hopeful that this announcement will mean that the P&P team becomes active in the ObjectBuilder group here on CodePlex again, because it's been kinda lonely lately. :)